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Warren A. Shipton


The well-known text, advising hearers to come out of Babylon, is re-examined in terms of its relevance to those already outside of Babylon but observing its successes. For the purpose of discussion, Babylon is identified as all the ungodly religious, political, social, and economic systems that humans have invented as monuments to their pride. The principal merchandises of Babylon and its admirers are intellectual propositions, which seek to provide answers to the big questions of life. The prophet Daniel identifies the principles disputed by Babylon. These can be understood in terms of disagreements with God s ideals in the areas of being, knowing and acting. Universities are places of specialised learning where scholars and students congregate to learn skills, exchange ideas and generate new ways of discovering and explaining the world around them. Our task today in Christian universities is to proclaim the Unknown God with clarity . We are called by the last powerful angel, identified in Scripture, to enlighten the earth and to avoid the speculative ideas and disloyalty so characteristic of Babylon. Several aspects of Adventist Christian education are highlighted where we can make a difference or where we might be different. These are in the areas of holistic education, learning environment, scholarly activity and quality issues. The Adventist educational enterprise is essentially a subset of the enterprise of salvation. We are rightly challenged to follow faithfully and loyally the principles outlined by Christ.


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