Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Dengue Fever Prevention Among the Villagers of Moo 1 Baan Klongsai, Nhongyangsuea Subdistrict, Muaklek District, Saraburi Province, Thailand

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Supatcharee Makornkan
Pornpan Saminpanya
Ampaiwan Toomsan
Poomarin Intachai
Panipha Saengproa
Daramas Marerngsit


This research aims to identify the relationship between knowledge, attitude and practice of Dengue Fever (DF) prevention among the villagers of Moo 1 Baan Klongsai, Nongyangsuea Subdistrict, Muaklek District, Saraburi Province, Thailand. One hundred and ninety eight respondents were purposely selected from 406 villagers with the mean age of 49 years. Three questionnaires were used for data collection and descriptive statistics, %, x ̅, S.D. and r were employed for data analysis. The results showed that 50.5% of respondents had a high level of knowledge regarding DF, 55.6% understood the cause of DF, 47.5% could relate the life cycle of the AE mosquito and 68.2% to the transmission risk of DF. This study also revealed that the knowledge of DF prevention of the respondents was at a moderate level, though 82.8% had a good level of attitude about DF. Both knowledge and attitude of the respondents were positively related and statistical significant to practice for DF prevention with the level of 0.05 (r = 0.283, p = <0.001, r = 0.160, p = 0.025, respectively). The findings indicated that if people are supplied with precise knowledge, they may have good practice in preventing the DF.


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