A Study of Causes of Learning Problems in Mathematics Program, Faculty of Education at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

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ปุณยพล จันทร์ฝอย
Teerawit Tinprapa
Wariya Puttapatimok


               The purpose of this research was to study of causes of learning problems in mathematics program, faculty of education at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The population consisted of 327 pre-service teachers of mathematics program who enrolled in the academic year B.E.2/2562 by purposive sampling. The data were collected from a questionnaire which examined the content validity and reliability with Cronbach's alpha criteria 0.952, and it was separated into three parts. In part 1, it was the close ended check list questions of students’ general information. In part 2, it was the Likert scale close ended questions of factors that affected students’ study. In part 3, it was suggestions of students. A total of 293 questionnaires were returned. The research results showed that;

  1. The number of male students was 89 that was 30.40 % of all respondents. The number of female students was 204 that was 69.60 % of all respondents. The most respondents were 78 second-year students (26.96%), followed by 76 graduated students (25.90 %), and 62 third-year students (21.20 %). A dormitory was the most popular living place of students and the total number of them was 211 that accounted for 72 %. There were 72 students who lived in a house and this number was 24.60 %. Finally, there were 10 students that were 3.40 % who lived in other types of living.

  2. The least two mean values of students’ factors that caused their study problems were reading textbooks before class, and revising lesson. They had the mean values of 2.90 ,and 3.47 as well as standard deviations of 1.03, and 0.86 respectively. The least two mean values of social’s factors that caused their study problems were diverse activities, and reflective assessment that performed by lectures. They had mean values of 4.15, and 4.21 as well as standard deviations of 0.77, and 0.81 respectively. Finally, the least two mean values of environmental factors that caused their study problems were enough information service, and adequate facility. They had mean values of 3.69, and 3.97 as well as standard deviations of 0.83, and 0.87 respectively.

              According to the research results, the researcher advised students to read a textbook before class, and revise the lesson after class. The teacher should let students participate for creating and operating activities in class. The activities may be individual or groups. The university should prepare new and sufficient information for student needs.


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จันทร์ฝอย ป., Tinprapa ต., & Puttapatimok ว. (2021). A Study of Causes of Learning Problems in Mathematics Program, Faculty of Education at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. ARU Research Journal Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(3), 1–10. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/rdi-aru/article/view/243889
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