Tax burden of doing academic research

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Pongborworn prasugtsangchan


Paying taxes is a duty which everyone has to obey the law. The law requires taxpayers to pay taxes to the government for the government's expenses in the administration and development of the country. Therefore, if the researchers have received financial research, assets, or benefits which may be calculated in terms of income, they are obliged to submit their own return form to properly calculate the tax for the government. The tax burden however incurred on all researchers. There are differences depending on the nature of the relationship between the donor and the recipient. This makes a difference and is unfair to collect good tax; because researchers take financial research which received as income with other income. Particularly, in the case that the researcher does not receive any compensation for conducting research. Consequently, researchers have to pay more tax burden; since Thailand uses progressive income tax rates. Due to have the more income, researchers must pay the higher tax rate. The government should have a way to reduce the tax burden of the researcher by exempting, or reducing the tax rate. It should separate the tax calculation without being combined with other types of researcher income. For the incentivize professors in various educational institutions who are interested in doing research, they won’t concern about the additional tax burden of doing research.


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