Guidelines on Small Parking Space Adjustment for 200- Car Parking Building

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Monsicha Jamnothai
Traiwat Viryasiri


The Ministerial Regulation No. 41 (B.E. 2537) has revised the parking requirements to make the parking spaces smaller than general size, which is basically from 2.50 meters wide and 6.00 meters long to 2.40 meters wide and 5.00 meters long. Afterwards, a number of small cars are increasing due to the investment promotion policy of the Board of Investment (BOI). Regard to preliminary study, sufficient size for parking space is decreased to 2.30 meters wide and 4.20 meters long; therefore, studying the results of using smaller parking spaces has been realizingly highlighted and the guidelines for using small car parking spaces have been summarized.

The objectives of this research are studying and analyzing on the relationships of parking space, runways, ramp, structures, the ratio comparison of areas between standard and small parking spaces along with the worth for constructing investment, interviewing the stakeholders as well as overall conclusion to consider the guidelines for the small parking space adjustment. From the modeling, the construction of the car park  building which has smaller parking spaces could enhance parking space efficiency and save more  construction costs.


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