Reverse Mortgage and Elderly Loan Demand

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Bussara Povatong
Chaweewan Denpaiboon
Krittaphas Denpaiboon
Wanfah Sripoungpoet


The objectives of study are threefold: (1) to build an understanding of the elderly financial system (2) to study the attitudes of older persons towards choosing reverse mortgage services; and (3) to propose guidelines for reverse mortgage loan of various countries and the limitations of reverse credit for older people. The study is focused on target groups that are advanced to elderly and retired seniors in all occupation groups, and interviews of elderly groups in government agencies in Bangkok.  The study employed individual interviewing from the sample population both off-line and on-line.  The study results analyzed the elderly group. Low-income and middle-income elderly groups have insufficient income for end-of-life expenditures.  As for the perception and decision to participate in the elderly loan scheme, It was found the most of all groups were previously unknow. However, there is clear an information to reverse mortgage systems, giving insight into reverse credit, is expected to join the program.

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