Live Centrality of Commercial Market Areas in Wang Burapha Pirom District, Bangkok

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Aiyawarin Weerarak


This article is a comparative study of live centrality of three commercial market areas in Wang Burapha Pirom District, Bangkok: Ban Mo, Phahurat, and Pak Khlong Talat market areas. There are 3 research
methods: 1) gate method 2) movement trace and 3) serial snapshots. By collecting data of various groups of people, activities, and times in the commercial market areas to prove the definition of live center in Wang Burapha Pirom District by Hillier (1999). From the literature review, the live center must be a well-integrated area and can be measured by the space use patterns of others in the offpeak period. The findings founded that the Ban Mo market area has steady movement per hour from the peak period. Also, others are likely to walk through Ban Mo market area more than other areas during the off-peak period. Moreover, the activity patterns in Ban Mo market area are more than other areas. This makes the Ban Mo market area lively and vibrant, in line with Hillier’s definition of live center. The results of this study can be used as a guideline regarding the live centrality with other commercial market areas.


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