Elderly Subsistence Allowance Welfare Management of Beaung-nearm Municipality, Khon Kaen Province

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Chaowalit Sriphet
Sunthonchai Chopyot


          The Objectives of the research article were to 1) the concepts and developments in establishing self-help group 2) guidelines for managing self-help group 3) Problem and obstacle of self-help group, Beaung-nearm Municipality, KhonKaen Province. This is a qualitative research which conducted by semi-structured interviews from 6 members of group, 4 committees of group and 2 public servants of Beaung-nearm Municipality

           According to the study, concepts and developments in establishing self-help group begin with basic services in community from traditions and culture. The elderly are grouped together in funeral for help ease the burden of descendant in funeral costs and desire improvement in order to the group properly registered.

         Guidelines for managing self-help group of Beaung-nearm Municipality, KhonKaen Province. 1) This group was established in 2016 which has purpose for provide allowance welfare to members who have died. 2) Encouragement members to save money for provide allowance welfare to members. 3) This group operate correctly and prevent fraud. 4) Collaboration problem solving to operational goals. 5) Now there are 447 registered members and covers all sub-district, 12 villages.

         Problems and obstacles of self-help group 1) Some members of household are members of many cremation groups when a death occurs, it will incur additional costs. 2) There is payment for committees which disaccord with principle of funeral assistance.3) This group has not yet been registered with funeral assistance act, b.e. 2002. 4) There is no meeting and no report income and expense information to members. 5) The committees have many duty cause of delay to collect allowance from members 6) The members send allowance too late. 7) The members of group decrease because there is an age limit to join group.


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Sriphet เ., & Chopyot ส. . (2019). Elderly Subsistence Allowance Welfare Management of Beaung-nearm Municipality, Khon Kaen Province. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 9(1), 322–332. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/AJMBU/article/view/216925
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