Relations of Teamwork with Tambol Climate Municipality Personnel’s Organizational Settings in Selaphum District, Roi Et Province

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Thanawat Wonganu
Suthep Maythaisong
Kusol Srisarakham


          The Objectives of the research were to 1) investigate the levels of relations between teamwork and organizational climate at municipalities in Selaphum district  Roi Et province, 2) examine relations between teamwork and their organizational settings in the preceding district.  The sampling groups employed for conducting the research comprised 225 municipality personnel working for their own municipalities to village groups in the aforesaid district. The research device used for collecting data was the five-rating scale questionnaires; each of the questions has the content validity of as 1.00, and the reliability at 0.834.

          The results of the research were the following findings. 1)The levels of relations to personnel’s teamwork in dimensions of expression freedom and job assignments have been rated at the high scales while relations to aspects of comprehensively open discussions, mutual trusts, and group conflicts have been at the moderate ones.  Organizational settings at the moderate scales belong to each of such aspects as: rewards, organizational structures, warm settings, supports, responsibilities, job performance benchmarks, risks, and unity, 2)Relations between personnel’s teamwork and organizational settings have found to be positively related, with the statistical significance at .05 level.


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Wonganu ธ., Maythaisong ส., & Srisarakham ก. (2019). Relations of Teamwork with Tambol Climate Municipality Personnel’s Organizational Settings in Selaphum District, Roi Et Province. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 9(1), 1–8. Retrieved from
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