The Comparisons of Criterion Indicators for Smart Mobility Evaluation

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Juthatip Kijrugsa
Supawatanakorn Wongthanavasu


         Nowadays, technology plays an important role in daily life of humans, specifically mobility. This change has been affected to the mobility patterns to respond to the needs and keep attached to the world. Therefore, the concept of urban development in commuting is Smart Mobility, one dimension of the Smart City concept where numerous international organizations and research institutions have developed and developed smart mobility indicators. The purpose of this research was to compare indicators for being cities with smart mobility systems developed by organizations and research institutions at the international level, namely, CITYkeys, ISO, SCIS, ITU, and ETSI in order to perceive which indicators involved with the cities where can be called Smart Mobility. The results revealed that smart mobility cities consisted of efficient mobility indicators, various mobility accessing indicators, and ICT applied infrastructure indicators. All three indicators are important mechanisms assisting the mobility system to be intelligent.


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Kijrugsa, J., & Wongthanavasu, S. (2019). The Comparisons of Criterion Indicators for Smart Mobility Evaluation. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 9(2), 379–390. Retrieved from
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