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Ekkaphark Hongsa
Mana Luksamee-Arunothai


           The objectives of the research article were 1) to estimate the willingness of customers to pay a price premium for organic vegetables in Chonburi province, 2) to study the factors determining a price premium for organic vegetables in Chonburi province. Responses from 400 sample participants in Chonburi Province were collected using questionnaires. Logistic regression analysis is used in this study to determine the factors affecting the payment of a price premium of organic vegetables in Chonburi province using the contingent valuation method-CVM, with open-ended single bounded estimation and payment card approaches.

           The results of the research were as follows: 1. the study for the first objective show that the highest value of willingness to pay was expressed toward organic per kilogram at 65, 60, 60 and65baht, respectively. The highest average prices paid per kilogram were 67.70, 62.75, 63.28 and 68.06 baht, respectively. 2. Four independent variables were found to have a positive effect on the willingness of customers to pay for four different fresh organic vegetables, namely female, age, experience of buying organic vegetables and concerns about pesticide residue in vegetables. The findings of this research can be used to aid the implementation of fresh organic vegetable policies in Thailand, particularly in Chonburi province.


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Hongsa เ., & Luksamee-Arunothai ม. (2022). CONSUMERS’ WILLINGNESS TO PAY FOR ORGANIC VEGETABLES IN CHONBURI PROVINCE. Academic Journal of Mahamakut Buddhist University Roi Et Campus, 11(2), 249–262. Retrieved from
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