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Jian Tao
Songbai Liu


          The purpose of this study is mainly discusses the influence of external factors of small and micro Miao cultural creative enterprises in China, This paper is constructed the research framework on the basis of literature review. Survey data were collected from 153 business owners of small and micro cultural creative enterprises of Miao in Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi, the hypothesis was test by the structural equation model. Results of the study suggest Policy factors and financing environment are the external key factors that affects the growth of small and micro creative enterprises of Miao culture in China, and they all have a positive impact on the growth of it. But they have different role on the growth stage of micro cultural creative enterprise of Miao in China, at last, some suggestions are put forward according to the research results.


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Tao, J., & Liu, S. (2019). RESEARCH ON THE EXTERNAL INFLUENCE FACTORS OF THE GROWTH OF SMALL AND MICRO MIAO CULTURAL CREATIVE ENTERPRISE IN CHINA. Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management, 3(2), 17-29. Retrieved from
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