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Qiaolin Chen


          With the increase of rural residents’ incomes, the increase of their leisure time and the changes in their consumption patterns, the farmers’ tourism market has attracted increasingly more attention from society. This research reviewed the domestic literature on rural residents’ tourism in the past ten years, and points out that the previous research has been mainly focused on rural residents’ tourism consumption, the current situation and the development of the rural residents’ tourism market, rural residents’ tourism perceptions and tourism motivation, etc. Qualitative research is the main research method, while in-depth and detailed quantitative analysis is scarce, and more advanced and thorough quantitative research is lacking. On this basis, taking rural residents in Hubei Province as the object of investigation, this paper examined and quantitatively studied rural residents’ tourism cognition, tourism motivation and tourism consumption behavior.
          The conclusions are that rural residents’ tourism motivation is mainly based on leisure and growth, their consumption characteristics are diversifi ed, the consumption capacity needs to be further enhanced, tourism concepts and demand need to be fostered, future market potential needs to be further tapped, and measures for developing the rural residents’ tourism market should be put forward from both macro and micro perspectives.
          The research report also summarizes and refl ects on the limitations of the research and the appropriate directions for future research.


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Chen, Q. (2019). THE STUDY OF TOURISM MOTIVATION AND CONSUMPTION BEHAVIOR OF RURAL RESIDENTS IN HUBEI PROVINCE. Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management, 3(2), 122-135. Retrieved from
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