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Jing Jiang
Guowei Hua


The scale of Internet online education users in mainland China is huge, the market concentration of online education industry is relatively low, and the industry competition is fierce. The choice of competitive strategy is an important factor affecting the development of enterprises. Based on the Lotka-Volterra model of online education enterprise competition strategy research this paper refers to the ecological field of Lotka-Volterra model modeling ideas, build online education enterprise market relationship model to study enterprise competition strategy. According to the different relationship between enterprises and the combination of different ecological role positioning, combined with Lotka-Volterra model, 16 combination schemes are obtained, mainly using three strategies, namely cooperation strategy, leading strategy and differentiation strategy. These competitive strategies provide strategic decision-making guidance for the development of online education platform.

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Jiang, J., & Hua, G. (2021). RESEARCH ON THE COMPETITIVE STRATEGY OF ONLINE EDUCATION ENTERPRISES BASED ON LOTKA-VOLTERRA MODEL. Chinese Journal of Social Science and Management, 5(2), 61–73. Retrieved from
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