Political struggles in the Suffragette (2015) การต่อสู้ทางการเมืองในภาพยนตร์เรื่อง The Suffragette (2015)

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Raphiphat Phatthana


 The objectives of this article are twofold. First of all, it aims to illustrate the development of the political struggles in the Film called The suffragette by comparing the visual representation with the historical facts recorded in British History. In this part, the story-telling was done by traditional linear timeline which facilitated the audiences to follow the sequences easily.  However, the film dramatizes the historical events by adding characters, and foregrounding the breaking-points of women movement such as the shift of tactics to violence and the motivations which encouraged them to take those actions.  Secondly, the article shows how ideologies have been constructed to convey the message to the audience.  In this part, 5 major scenes were selected for the analysis. Albeit its attempts to depict the womenstruggle  the right to vote, the film failed to render its promises. It also connotes that the suffragette movement was predominately led by Upper and Middle class women. Working-class women who are the main subject of the movement were shadowed. Their roles were merely reduced to helpers or followers.



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