Qualitative Research Design and Data analysis in Phenomenology: Nursing Science

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Chutchavarn Wongsaree


Qualitative research is creating inductive summaries, by data reduction, data display presentation of data linking the relationship, the issue and the interpretation of the correct interpretation of the research. Phenomenology research is the study of personal experiences, which are increasingly popular in the field of nursing Science. Challenges of Qualitative Researchers are the creation of credibility and the findings of research. The article focus describe the design, qualitative research, and appropriate analytical methodology for the researcher to make clear before planning and before research. The content included; First, qualitative research design the focus is on five elements: research questions Research objectives, research framework, the research methodology and the accuracy of the results of the research. Include examples of research design that are sufficiently academic. Second, analysis of phenomenological data proposed by the concept of  Edmund  Husserl and concept of  Heideggerian each of these ideas has a way of analyzing data that relies on the reliability of the data.  The literature review found popular ways of the concept of Husserl phenomenology method: Colaizzi , Giorgi, and Van Kaam method. The popular ways of concept of Heideggerian phenomenology method: Diekelmann and Allen, Leonard, and Benner.


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