The Connotation of Chinese Digital Culture

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Chanoksuda Tamai


In the scientific world, the function of numbers is computation, strict order and distinct responsibilities. In the world of human mind, the function of numbers is to express meaning. After "deification", it becomes "mysterious number", "imaginary number" and "number of days". In particular in Chinese language and culture, the digital connotation is more unique, from the ancient poetry, to the daily use of phrases. As a Chinese, it is not necessary to fully understand the connotation of their digital culture. China's digital culture has a rich connotation and a long history. It has been given a new connotation of the times. In today's era, the study of Chinese digital culture is of great significance and value for understanding the long history of China and learning the cultural connotation of China. The digital language is a part of culture and the bearer of culture. Through the connotation and extension of the digit, we can know the precious spiritual heritage of the thinking mode, philosophy and religious idea left by the wise men of ancient sages. In Chinese, almost every number has specific connotations, and digital culture is broad and profound. For example: "one" is regarded as the ancestor of all things and the source of all things by the Han nationality. This paper analyzes the connotation and social significance of each number in China through examples and historical combinations, disseminating the profound Chinese digital culture and carrying forward the value of Chinese language and literature


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