The Comparision Satisfaction Towards Buying Supplementary Food Between Thai People In Bangkok, Thailand And Vietnamese People In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Araya Radinghin


The purpose of this research to study (1) the consumer behavior on supplement products cognition, affective, and conation attitude (2) consumer needs (3) marketing mix and (4) the differences of demography affecting relation between attitude, need and marketing mix toward satisfaction to make decision to buying supplement products between Thai people in Bangkok, Thailand and Vietnam people in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Research Methodology: The sample size in the research comprised 408 personnel. There are 2 groups, Thai people 204 personnel and Vietnamese 204 personnel. The data was analyzed by percentage, frequency, mean, t-Test, F-Test (One-Way ANOVA), logistic regression analysis by binary logistic model and qualitative research by interview and content analysis. The results are analyzed as follows: most respondents were female, between the age of 40 to 49 years old, hold bachelor degrees, worked as owner business. Good cognition, affective, and conation attitude, Good needs of consumers and good marketing mix in. Genders correlations between needs of consumers and satisfaction of Thai people in Bangkok. Gender correlation between marketing mix on price and satisfaction of Thai people in Bangkok. Income correlation between cognition, affective, and conation attitude and satisfaction. The result of qualitative study found that, Respondents focus on quality of the product, accredited by trustworthy institution and expect the benefits from consumption supplement food on the top which have significantly.


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