Service Development of Franchise Restaurant: A Case of Santa Fe’ Steak in Bangkok

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Rungrote Jursnit


The objective of this research aims (1) To find out the customer's personal factors that affect the sales of the Santa Fe Steak franchise in Bangkok (2) To study customer service practices that affect the success of the franchise business (3) To find out the reason why customer visit the Santa Fe Steak House franchise in Bangkok (4) To find out how to develop a franchise business. The samples for this research got from accident sampling and selecting customer who has willing for give data by doing the questionnaire, Totally 600 peoples form 49 Franchise Branch. Research result found that (1) most customers have a bachelor's degree or equivalent. Occupation is employees and enterprise is the most. This shows that these customers are the target groups that affect the success of the franchise food business
(2) About customer service behavior. Customers come to eat on most Saturdays and Sundays during 13.00-17.00 pm, visited 2-3 times a month. One of the most popular branch is the Mall Bangkapi. The menu that customers like most is pig steak. The cost per meal is 500 baht. Mostly for two people. The purpose of the meal is to eat at regular occasions, not on special occasions. Most customers are satisfied with the service (3) The customer would like to recommend to the others and reservice again. The reason why customers get service at the restaurant because they like the taste of food is the most (4) Guidelines for the development of the franchise business. Steak restaurant Santa Fe. In the view of the customer, the restaurant business should be developed all service models in 3 areas: First is the contribution channels. The location of the restaurant should be community and easy to find is the most, 54.2%. Second is the taste of food, should be the same standard quality of taste for every brand is 25 percent. And third should improve the speed of customer service, don’t let customer waiting for food is 20.8 percent, respectively.


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