The Cultural Assimilation of Thai State to Thai – Muslim in Southern Border Provinces: A Case of Youth Building Peace in The Southern Border Provinces Project

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Todsapon Sripeng


Using qualitative research, the purpose of (1) to study the characteristics of Thai cultural harmony with Thai - Muslims in the Southern Border Provinces of the Youth Building Peace in the Southern Border Provinces Project (2) to study the success conditions that lead to cultural assimilation in Youth Building Peace in the Southern Border Provinces Project. The sample consisted of director, staff, process lecturer and the youth participating in the Peace Building Youth Project in the southern border provinces by using the study of data, documents, interviews, group discussions and participatory observation. The study indicated that (1) the cultural assimilation can only occur through understanding of reality in society
to eliminate the inconsistency of stories in the social and cultural context of the southern border provinces. (2) Use of social psychology practices that emphasize building understanding and acceptance of cultural differences under the Muslim practice to create for the youth to create a good attitude to Thai society and join as an important force in the development of southern border provinces. (3) Building acceptance of different cultures and building political trust, so that the young people participating in the project understand and can work with government officials.


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