Nation Properties, Always in Good Landing

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Somphum Larusmee
Ithikorn Khamdej


Thai proverb, literal meaning, “Fall in the water, not get washed away. Fall in the fire, not get burnt” according to the Royal Thai Dictionary B.E.2554, when using as the verb refers to people who do good things will not fall on to danger. Nonetheless, in comparison it is meant for good things never been lost such as crown properties always survived in face of danger. Therefore, it is “general principle” commonly known in Thai society for quite sometimes on survival of Nation properties. This article carefully observed “Nation Properties” based on the Civil and Commercial Code, focusing mainly on the state or Nation land and money by aiming at the principles and practical guidelines to confiscate Nation properties as the rightful nation assets from those with no rights to take ownership of such properties. This refers to actions whether or not being remised intentionally, unintentionally, or by mistake as the saying in Thai Proverb comparison, “   Nation Properties withstanding water and fire, Fall in the water, not get washed away. Fall in the fire, not get burnt”. So, no matter where they are or in what situation, they will not lose their own virtues.



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