Legal Measures to Control Businesses for Lifelong Health Care in Private Hospital

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Jirapa Kitjongtarwonkun
Sunthorn Maneesawat


The current emphasis on public health care for themselves and their families more. The project, a lifelong medical treatment services. One of the projects is in the private hospital business responds to members health care throughout life by payment in advance in high-rate just once to get all services when both outpatient and inpatient by more medical services. The author of the opinion that the nature of the business operations of the health insurance, and see that the State need to control. Intervention to achieve peace because the public found the problem that there is funding from the public with no way to pay in advance in high-rate under the terms of the contract period, a lifelong which vulnerable to scams. Fraud and to cancel prior to the end of the contract, which is to cancel the contract by which that Member is terminated by unfair competition from entrepreneurs to partners or member petitions and request justice court. The author of the opinion that in future such business may have more growth. So leave the private hospital business, the nature of the Fund and paid in advance in the high rate by which the State could not control. Check as this may further damage to people, thus suggesting to legal measures to actively control the course, lifelong medical treatment services, such.


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