A Study on Health Tourism Industry Potentiality in Thailand

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Methee Chanted
Sutiwat Soithong
Natthakan Waenphech


Nowadays, the health tourism industry is another option that tourists around the world who are interested, through the objective to learn the way of life from the local community, to relax, to get advice on health. This study uses McKinsey's 7s model concept (McKinsey, 2008) to determine the potential health tourism services in Thailand.  There are 6 strategies to strengthen the potential health tourism services in Thailand which are (1) Enhance competitiveness in health services by developing infrastructure, facilities and administration system by government, (2) government’s support on the development of medical services promoting Medical Services in Thailand as an alternative service. (3) Promote some travel attractions to be health services spots by developing natural attractions such as hot springs via government’s promotion policy. (4) Focuses on academia and academic research by strengthen and develop the potential of medical education institutions by government. (5) Promote the development of Thai herbal medicines and health products internationally. (6) Promote marketing and public relations as the best health tourism in the world in all communication channels through Agent / Broker.


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