The Elderly Situation in Thailand: Health’s Problems and Needs

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Uthaiwan Pongboriboon


The ageing society is social situation which occurred in many countries and also Thailand.  Prosperity in health care is cause of long life. Thailand will be “Complete-aged society”. This situation had problems to elderly, these are about health, economic and social problems. The government has continuously driven the policy on the elderly, until the national agenda for building active ageing in the present. Active ageing led to create participation of stakeholders from government and private sectors. But the essential problem of elderly is health problem. Therefore, to respond health problem and other of elderly to cope with the changes that will occur, the proactive preparations for various problems are necessary. The elderly should be treated with physical and mental readiness for entering the aging society and able to continually developed their country and to support various crises that may occur in the future.


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