The Factor Affecting to Success of Working for Public Health Village Volunteer

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Fungwith Chootinun


The objectives of this research were to study (1) successful level of village health volunteer, Office of Health Office 4, (2) factors identifying the success of operation, and (3) present proposal of policy of basic public health services. The research was designed mixed methods research, quantitative research samples were 398 village health volunteers, and qualitative research collected data using in-depth interview as a tool to collect the data from key informants which were excellent village health volunteers, director of sub-district health promotion hospitals, district and provincial public health executives, majors of local administrative office total amount 40 persons using descriptive statistics to test relationships of variables, and using multiple regressions to test hypothesis. The research results found that the successful of village health volunteers working performance was at good level. Factors described the operation included motivation factors, leadership, learning organization management, communications and collaboration, orientation and evaluation, budgeting, legal and political mechanism eligible to describe the success of village health volunteers working performance at high level. Off those factors, legal and political mechanism were the best forecasters since they could forecast the success of village health volunteers’ performance at 55.70 percent.  Suggestions in term of policy were (1) government should identify important policy to support village health volunteers in order to develop health of the citizen create and develop linkage of networks with people in order to promote well-being wide-spread and equally, and create health care service innovation for development and consistent to the country development in 4.0 era. (2) in order to formulating the policy, government should consider integrating knowledge from theories and experience from village health volunteers.


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