Registered Nurses Competencies in Caring Patents with Quality and Safety

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Malee Kumkong
Pattamamas Chotibun
Thidarat Singsri


Nursing and midwifery is one of profession that plays an important role in building value of healthcare system for patients, families, and communities. Nursing performance indicates professional practice. There is continuous nursing staffing for caring, monitoring symptoms and keeping patients under constant surveillance and being mediator in referring patients’ information or problems to multidisciplinary team. Registered nurses are the advocates for patients and support them in participation in healthcare process. Hence, registered nurses should have competency development of nursing performance in a role of registered nurse with quality and safety. Nursing competencies consist of 3 aspects (1) aspect of modern knowledge and research utilization including knowledge of nursing science, basic science, health science, technology, evaluation tools, and infection control and prevention (2) aspect of technical skill that is nursing performance skill or professional practice skill including patients’ assessment and screening, interpretation of laboratory results, nursing performance, medical equipment utilization, prevention of treatment complications and instruction and information giving for continuous care and (3) aspect of non-technical skill that is an essential still used with knowledge and technical skill including situational awareness, effective communication, team working, assertiveness and creative argument, leadership, and virtue and ethics.


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