Strategies for teaching Chinese characters to Thai learners

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Jaruwan Detrittantikon
Punyisa Khongthon
Panwita Cheewapati


Studying Chinese characters is the foundation of Chinese reading and writing. It is an important element in Chinese language teaching that neither the tutor nor the learner can overlook. For Chinese learners, generally speaking, stroke error are the most significant problem when writing Chinese characters. This includes problems in the writing direction, stroke and stroke order of Chinese characters, as well as poor understandings of Chinese characters and their single or combined structures. Because most learners lack basic knowledge about Chinese characters, they possess no techniques or strategies for writing Chinese characters. After studying to a certain level, they will feel that Chinese characters are difficult to learn and write. They will subsequently and discouragement towards learning Chinese. Including techniques and strategies for writing Chinese characters can avoid student boredom regarding Chinese characters. It also can help reduce errors in writing Chinese characters as well. This article was written to compile problems and analyze strategies for teaching Chinese characters to Thai learners. Teachers can apply them to teach Chinese characters effectively. The information is presented in the following order (1) knowledge of teaching Chinese characters in a nutshell (2) problems Thai learner encounter when learning Chinese characters (3) strategies for teaching Chinese characters to Thai learners (4) conclusion


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