The Priority Needs of Academic Administration of Schools according to the Concept of Career Education

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Suphatcha Po-ngern
Pruet Siribanpitak
Penvara Xupravati


The purpose of this quantitative research was to study the priority needs in the academic management of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration schools according to the concepts of career education. The samples were 209 schools, selected by using the Table of Taro Yamane, with the confidence at 95.5% and error at ±5% and simple random sampling. The key respondents were 2,299 people which included 11 participants from each school in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration schools. The research instrument was a 5-level rating scale questionnaire. The data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, means, standard deviation and PNI modified. The results revealed that the priority needs in academic management development of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration schools regarding the concepts of career education could be classified with regard to academic administration. Generally, the Highest Priority Needs Index was curriculum development and the high one was guidance. When the educational steps of career education were considered, for all 4 categories of academic administration, the highest level of need was career preparation. It is suggested that Department of Education, BMA Schools, and Bangkok Metropolitan Vocational schools participate in developing the curriculum continuously promoted by career education from primary school to senior high schools, especially, developing senior high-school students to prepare themselves for careers in response to the Bangkok’s policy and labor markets resulting in furthering the national development.


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