The Strategy of Rescues and Early Detection in Aging Society Risk to Long-Term Care Institution

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Hong-Ming Huang
Jenq-Daw Lee
Jenn-Jaw Soong
Hung-Jen kuo


The cost of long-term care has increased in recent years and will more likely keep continuously increasing in the future. It would be valuable to predict the survival probability of an admitted patient being discharged to a long-term care institution in order to prevent the hazard risk. In this study, the Cox proportional hazard model is applied to estimate the hazard risk to the long-term care institution. The individual probability of being transferred to a long-term care institution is then able to assign to each patient about they are admitted to a medical facility. As the results, the aged people, the people lack of support in social, physical, mental aspects, and disable to care themselves, were found of higher probability to be often transferred into the long-term care ins titution.


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