About his faith to conquer the city of Mecca to make peace

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อิสมาแอ สะอิ


purpose was to learn about the Prophet peace in the conquest of Mecca in his faith The study found that Prophet tried to use peaceful means to conquer the city of Mecca about his faith in different ways. For example, when the army was ordered not to tell the soldiers of the war , his  honor the leaders of Mecca (kurais) to achieve peace. His use the psychological warfare to pressure the city to surrender his faith, Mecca without bloodshed. Before his faith in Mecca he banned  the  Muslims  attack is the only for defense , His Please  to entered Mecca and early submission. Although the kuraisian of Mecca persecuted Muslims had given his faith.

The  attempt to use peaceful means to conquer Mecca of his faith, the Prophet is highly successful After the conquest was due to increased peace and tranquility. As a result, many people to Islam


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