Effects of Person-Organization fit Presentation on Behavior Intention to Apply for Jobs

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Boripat Dareepat
Ratchaneewan Wanichtanom
Arnond Sakworawich


       This experiment investigated the effect of the person-organization (P-O) presentation on applicant‖s perceived recruitment fairness and job intention. Moreover, the relationship among direct and indirect P-O fit, recruitment fairness, and job intention also were examined. The results are 1) direct P-O fit positively correlates with indirect P-O fit, 2) recruitment fairness and direct P-O fit positively correlate with job intention, 3) the P-O fit presentation moderates the relationship between indirect P-O fit and job intention such that direct P-O fit is a mediator variable in an experimental group where P-O fit results was presented. Hence, the presentation of P-O fit can lead to the realistic perception of P-O fit and eventually results in job intention.


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