Factors affecting the Singaporean employee engagement while working in organization located in Thailand

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Tadsuang Timbuntham


       This study is a survey research, which is part of the research team that studied employee engagement in Southeast Asian Countries (The Association of South East Asian Nations: ASEAN). The objective is to study the factors affecting the Singaporean employee engagement while working in organization located in Thailand for being the data to make the policy in the human resources management to meet the needs of Singaporean employees and to improve efficiency and effectiveness in working with those people who are different cultures to be able to work together smoothly. Furthermore, it also prepares the organization to leverage towards the ASEAN Economic Community and is recognized internationally. The data were collected via online questionnaire which base on Emo-Meter diagnosis tool developed by Akaraborworn et. al.(2014). The sample data are derived from Singaporean employees working in organization located on Thailand over 30 organizations. The 54 sets of questionnaires were returned and after verifying the authenticity and integrity of the questionnaire result 43 valid sets. The research found that the respondents’ personal characteristics mainly Generation Y was born between the years 1977 - 1991 (38-24 years old) with a bachelor's degree, single status and no one under the patronage. An economic status is enough and to spare. Most in the management position and had duration of joining the organization 1-3 years and was promoted to the position last no more than three years. The result shows that the sample Singaporeans moderately perceive the organization support but highly perceive positive relationship with Emo-meter (Mean = 3.94). The four highest POS factors they perceive are Challenge work (Mean = 3.97), Corporate Image (Mean = 3.83), Empowerment (Mean = 3.77) and Internal Communication (Mean = 3.71). The Challenge work, Empowerment, Respect from Others and Compensation are four highest factors predictability to Singaporean employee engagement. These four factors also influence all Emo-meter sub-factors which are 1) Well-Being, 2) Belonging and 3) Doing the Best. The Challenge work and Empowerment factors were highly perceived by Singaporean (Mean = 3.97 3.77) while, Respect from Others and Compensation factors were moderately perceived by Singaporean (Mean = 3.67 3.36).


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