The study of employee engagement in Republic of the Union of Myanmar, a case study of Thai company

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Onthida Meesangphrao


       Purpose of this study was 1) to identify the factors impact on employee engagement for Burmese staffs working in Thai owned organization located in Myanmar and 2) to measure the level of employee engagement among Burmese staff working for the selected organization. This research represented Myanmar as a part of research team who study the factors which differently impact to employees in ASEAN countries. “Emo-meter” which was developed by Akaraborworn et. al. (2014) was used in this study as employee engagement diagnosis tools. The researcher analyzed 52 respondents from SCG Myanmar – a Thai owned company located in Myanmar. The result presented that although Burmese staffs moderately perceived the organization support, their engagement was categorized in high level. This could be resulted from the impactful Perceived Organization support factors have been satisfied. The prominent factor that has highest predictability to Burmese employee engagement is relationship with supervisor. Moreover, the other two influencing factors were corporate image and work-life balance.


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