Career Adaptability of Customer Relation Officer: A Case Study of Shopping Complex in Bangkok

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Preeyanuch Markwattanasuk
Banyat Yongyuan


The purpose of this research was to study the career adaptability of customer relation officers at a shopping complex in Bangkok. The qualitative study was conducted by using in-depth interview with 10 female customer relation officers and 2 customer relation supervisors with including Non-participant observation on customer relation officer’s work. Data was collected during May to September 2018. The results of the study showed that the career adaptability of customer relation officers were as follows: 1) career concern could be classified officers into 2 categories as the officers who have career plan will have career goal and the officers who have no career plan will work to discover their appropriate job, 2) career control was expressed in term of responsibility on duties assigned and providing customers assistance with solution of situations, 3) career curiosity of customer relation officers was expressed on the officers who have interested in information searching, knowledge and having intention for self-development in languages skill to implementing on customer relation work, and 4) career confidence was reflected on the officers who have confidence in their duties, realizing self-potential, having confidence to be practice and improve their selves and recognizing in their weakness.



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