Aging Workers Hiring Characteristics of Organizations in The Upper North Region and Vital Government Support Policies for Hiring Aging Workers in Thailand

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Sainatee Chernbumroong
Nittaya Jariangprasert


The purpose of this research was to study the staffing policy of organizations in terms of hiring aging workers who would like to work after retirement as a guideline to promote hiring aging workers in the government and private sectors that might need aging workers in the future. The research implemented a qualitative method with in-depth interviews of 16 organizations which hire aging workers or had experiences in hiring aging workers or had a plan to hire aging workers in the near future. The organizations involved were located in Northern of Thailand. The samples were selected using snowball sampling. The data obtained from the interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis. The findings reveal that aging workers were employed, for example, when available positions are needed, or organizations believed recruiting a new staff and training new staff was difficult and time-consuming. Organizations hired aging workers in specific fields of occupation and in a position in which experience are needed. The recruitment methods were internal and external recruitment. Aspects that an organization considers when hiring aging workers consists of personal relationship with the organization, previous work experience, and past work performance.


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