The Causal Model of Adaptability and Survivability of EntrepreneurTrading Business of Thailand


  • Banlue Krue-Chotekul Independent Researcher
  • Saowanee Samantreeporn Southeast Asia University
  • Watcharapol Bussamongkol Independent Researcher
  • Pon Putthanukorn Southeast Asia University


Adaptive capability, Survival of entrepreneur, Trading business


         This research aims to analyze the causal model of adaptability and survivability of entrepreneur trading business of Thailand. This research was the survey research testing 251 respondents who entrepreneurs in trading business company registration. The research sampling was purposive sampling. The index of item-objective congruence (IOC) was 0.626 and reliability value of 0.94. The hypothesis testing used confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM). According to the analysis, (1) the causal relationship model was congruent with the empirical data (c2 = 18.16, df = 16, c2/df = 1.13, P-value = 0.32, RMR = 0.160, GFI = 0.963, RMSEA = 0.045 and CFI = 0.988), (2) the influence of adaptability on survivability of entrepreneur trading business of Thailand with regression coefficient 0.39. Conclusion that the entrepreneurs focus on adaptability in terms of management. capital management and marketing and sales would be help entrepreneurs to survive and better performance in trading business.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)