“Sunbird Gold”: Study of Semioticist Meaning and Application in the Context of Modern China


  • Wang Qinglian Mahasarakham University
  • Peera Phanlukthao Mahasarakham University


Sunbird Gold, Semiotics, Application, Modern China


The "Sunbird Gold," also known as the "Four Birds Around the Sun," is an artifact excavated from the Jinsha Site in Chengdu and consists of four hollowed-out sacred birds surrounding a jagged sun in the middle. " The "Sunbird Gold" in Semiotics has deep and varied connotations. This study has two research purposes: 1) to analyze the semioticist meaning of "Sunbird Gold" in the context of modern China and 2) to explore the application of the Semiotics "Sunbird Gold" in various fields (vague-- Is the application in "various fields" primarily about urban cultural construction and tourism?) This study employed the qualitative research method and applied the Semiotics of "Sunbird" in various fields Through research, we find that the cultural Semiotics of "Sunbird" is explained and summarized using semiotic theories' theoretical knowledge. The overall planning and influence of Chengdu's urban cultural construction and sustainable tourism development model provide feasible suggestions for the local people to apply these cultural Semiotics better. At the same time, we have also reflected on developing and utilizing the Semiotics "Sunbird Gold." Therefore, the conclusion of this study can reflect the practical significance of the Semiotics "Sunbird Gold" in the context of modern China.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)