Area Based Development Research Journal is a dedicated academic publication that recognizes the paramount importance of ethics in scholarly research. Thus, all stakeholders involved in the publication process of the journal are expected to adhere to the guidelines set forth by "The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)" ( To ensure the originality of submitted manuscripts, the plagiarism detection tool "copycatch" will be employed. Any manuscript found to have a similarity index exceeding 30% will be returned to the author for revision and clarification. Failure to address this issue promptly may lead to the manuscript being rejected outright, thereby concluding the review process. Furthermore, in order to foster impartiality and mitigate potential conflicts of interest, Area Based Development Research Journal upholds a double-blind peer review policy for all manuscripts it receives.

 Editor Ethics

The editorial team of the Area Based Development Research Journal comprises an Editorial Board, an Editor-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, and an Editorial Assistant.

The Editorial Board offers valuable guidance and advice on academic matters, and its members may also serve as reviewers for submitted manuscripts. The Editorial Board consists of experts in various research areas relevant to the themes covered by the Area Based Development Research Journal.

When a manuscript is submitted, the Editor-in-Chief assigns it to an appropriate member of the Editorial Board or the Managing Editor. They take charge of assigning the manuscript to reviewers who possess the relevant area of interest and expertise. The Editor-in-Chief carefully evaluates the reviewers' feedback and, based on this input, makes the final decision on whether a manuscript should be accepted for publication or rejected. To ensure a smooth publication process, all editors of the Area Based Development Research Journal are expected to adhere to the provided guidelines. These guidelines help maintain the integrity and quality of the journal's content.

          1. The editors must uphold all ethical principles in decisions related to Area Based Development Research Journal.

          2. The editors must select reviewers who have relevant expertise and do not have any conflicts of interest with the authors of the manuscript.

         3. The editors must not disclose the identity of the reviewers to the authors and vice versa. Furthermore,  the editors must not disclose any information from a manuscript before its publication.

         4. Information or comments from the reviewers must be kept confidential and should not be used for personal advantage.

  Reviewer Ethics

Reviewers contribute significantly to the quality and scholarly value of manuscripts. Their expertise, comments, and suggestions help authors enhance the quality of their work and ensure that the manuscript meets the standards for publication while contributing to academic knowledge. To fulfill the objectives of the review process effectively, reviewers are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

          1. Reviewers should decline review requests if the manuscript falls outside their area of expertise, ensuring that they only evaluate manuscripts within their field of knowledge.

          2. Reviewers should provide comments and opinions based solely on their expertise and without any conflicts of interest. Objective and impartial assessments are crucial for maintaining the integrity and fairness of the review process.

         3. Reviewers must maintain confidentiality and not disclose any information or results from the manuscript before its publication. Protecting the confidentiality of the manuscript ensures the integrity of the peer review process.

         4. Reviewers should promptly notify the editor if they suspect any instances of duplicated works or plagiarism within the manuscript, helping to uphold academic integrity and ensure the originality of the research.

  Author Ethics

Authorship of a manuscript should be attributed only to those individuals who have made significant contributions to its conception and writing. By adhering to the following guidelines, authors contribute to the transparency and integrity of the publication process, ensuring fair and accurate representation of their research findings.

        1.  The manuscript should not have been previously published in any other journal before submission to Area Based Development Research Journal.

         2. Authors may submit their manuscript to other journals only after it has been declined by Area Based Development Research Journal. This practice helps maintain the integrity of the review process and prevents simultaneous submissions.

         3. The corresponding author bears the responsibility of addressing all comments and suggestions provided by the reviewers. In cases where authors disagree with specific comments from reviewers, they should provide a clear and comprehensive explanation. However, the final decision regarding the manuscript rests with the Editor-in-Chief. 

        4. Area Based Development Research Journal enforces a stringent policy regarding authorship changes. If any author intends to modify the order of authors, such as adding/deleting an author or changing the corresponding author, approval from all authors must be obtained and documented.