Focus and Scope

Area Based Development Research Journal is dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of scholarly studies related to area-based collaborative research, sustainable development, and social engagement. The journal aims to establish a platform for international researchers from diverse fields to communicate and exchange knowledge pertaining to area-based development research. Additionally, it seeks to promote the dissemination of new knowledge to local communities worldwide.

Types of Contributions

The journal publishes three types of contributions:

  1. Research Article: This category includes original research papers that present significant findings and contribute to the existing knowledge in the field of area-based development.

  2. Review Article: Reviews are focused on specific topics regarding area-based development research and social engagement.

  3. Invited Article: Invited articles are solicited from experts in the field and provide valuable insights, or perspectives within the domain of area-based development research and social engagement.


The article can be in either English or Thai. All Thai articles also have English abstract and figure captions. 

Peer Review Process

  • Each submitted manuscript is initially screened either by one of the editors.

  • All manuscripts that pass the initial screening and invited articles undergo a double-blind review process, involving at least three independent reviewers.

  • The Editor-in-chief makes a decision based on the reviewer's comments and recommendations. The decision can be acceptance, rejection, or requesting revisions for a second round of review.

Publication Frequency

The journal releases four issues per year, following the schedule below:

  • Issue No. 1: January-March
  • Issue No. 2: April-June
  • Issue No. 3: July-September
  • Issue No. 4: October-December

By maintaining a regular publication frequency, the journal ensures a timely dissemination of research findings to the scholarly community and interested readers.

Article Processing Charges

Area Based Development Research Journal is a diamond open access journal funded by the Program Management Unit Area (PMUA), which means there are no article processing charges (APC) for authors.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Copyright and Licensing

Area Based Development Research Journal values copyright protection and licensing to safeguard author rights and facilitate the appropriate dissemination of research. Our policies ensure openness, accessibility, and attribution. Authors retain copyright ownership, and articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), allowing sharing, adaptation, and proper attribution. Authors have the freedom to publish under the CC BY license, granting broad reuse and distribution permissions. The journal supports posting articles on third-party repositories, adhering to institutional and funding restrictions. Author guidelines detail copyright and licensing requirements, empowering authors with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. These policies cultivate an environment of collaboration, openness, and responsible sharing, benefiting authors and the research community while honoring intellectual property rights.


Area Based Development Research Journal is an official peer-reviewed journal of Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) and Program Management Unit Area (PMUA).

Ownership and Management

For Thailand’s research system, TSRI is responsible for science, research and innovation budget allocation and PMUA serves as granting bodies for area-based development. Their financial support allows Area Based Development Research Journal to maintain its high publication standards, rigorous peer-review process, and open-access availability to researchers and readers worldwide. Since 2017, the editorial team based at Walailak University are responsible for processing manuscripts and managing the journal.   

Editorial Office

Area Based Development Research Journal

Research and Innovation Institute of Excellence, Walailak University,

222 Thaiburi, Thasala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province 80160, Thailand 

E-mail: [email protected]

Revenue Sources and Advertising

Financial support from Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) and Program Management Unit Area (PMUA) aids the journal's administrative and technological needs. Revenue sources do not influence editorial decisions and manuscripts are evaluated solely on scientific merit.  Area Based Development Research Journal may display relevant advertisements, such as academic conferences and educational programs, that do not compromise content integrity. They are displayed separately from published content, clearly distinguished, and placed in designated sections. Advertisements are not linked to specific content or reader behavior, selected based on relevance. The editorial board maintains transparency and integrity through its advertising policy. 

Direct Marketing
Area Based Development Research Journal is dedicated to responsible and ethical direct marketing, engaging the scientific community, fostering collaborations, and transparently disseminating high-quality research. Direct marketing activities are employed to promote the journal while maintaining ethical standards. The approach involves targeted outreach to researchers and academics in relevant fields, ensuring accurate and informative communication about the journal's mission and features. Area Based Development Research Journal prioritize transparency, obtaining consent, and respecting data privacy regulations.  The journal follows regulations and continuously reviews our practices for compliance to provide valuable information without overwhelming recipients.

Journal History

The Area Based Development Research Journal was initially commissioned in 2008 by The Thailand Science Research and Innovation (formerly known as The Thailand Research Fund) as a platform to showcase the outcomes of Area-based Collaborative (ABC) Research, which aimed to benefit local communities. Since 2021, the journal has been financially supported by the Program Management Unit Area (PMUA).

Former Editors and Current Editor

-Anut Apapirom                Vol.1 no.1-Vol.6 no.6 

-Kanjana Kaewthep          Vol.7 no.1-Vol.8 no.3     

-Chitnarong Sirisathitkul    Vol.8 no.4- present