The Development of Fruits and Vegetables Indigenous Rice Cracker Package. กลุ่มแปรรูปข้าวโป่งบ้านห้วยยาง ต.หินดาด อ.ห้วยแถลง จ.นครราชสีมา

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 The objectives of this research were to study, design and develop the package of indigenous rice cracker mixed with fruits and vegetables, and the stickers on the bags of cracker from Baan Huay Yang, Hin Tard sub-district, HuayTalang district, Nakhon Ratchasima. The Baan Huay Yang Processing Group also participated in the design and development of the packaging before it was used in the distribution. The packaging design was then studied for consumer’s satisfaction in the market.

          From the experiment of changing the method of packing the rice cracker, from formerly using a stapler to close the bag, now a sealer is used instead. This results in longer shelf life and in maintaining the freshness and crunchiness of the crackers. The results of consumer’s satisfaction toward the package of rice cracker mixed with fruits and vegetables can be divided into many aspects. In terms of function or application, the package is able to protect the products, appropriate to the volume of use, able to see the products inside, and easy to use. Plus, the design favors the transport, suitable for storage, souvenirs, and the package is also safe for the environment. The materials suit the products in a high level ( = 4.24, S.D. = 0.51). In terms of marketing, the packaging design is beautiful, can be used in an advertising media, can display the full product details, such as quantity, production date, properties and how to use the product. In addition, the package can clarify the type of the product. The product is unique and the price is suitable in a high level ( = 4.13, S.D. = 0.36). The overall satisfaction is at a high level ( = 4.20, S.D. = 0.46).


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