The Museum Management at WatKlangsophol Ban Khor Lumhuailure sub-district Somdet district Kalasin Province

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            The purposes of this study were 1) to study the condition of E-San Museum at WatKlangsopholand 2) to find the way to develop the museum. This qualitative research collects the information from Ban Khor community, Lumhuailure sub-distirct, Somdet district, Kalasin province by surveying at Moo 4 and Moo 10 areas, interviewing ten community representatives, using participant and non-participant observation, as well as lesson-learning by nine people from the research team working together to manage the museum.

            The study showed that the three museum problems occurred after PhraKru Kunti Dhamros died in 2003: 1) The museum lacked community participation 2) The local people lacked of knowledge in museum administration 3) New prelate ignored and didn’t support the museum seriously.

           The museum could the developed by using lesson-learning method with AAR process which was the ways to solve those problems there could the done by 1) taking outsiders to clean the museum to stimulate community to realize the importance of the museum 2) invite scholars in local museum to give knowledge 3) inviting the present prelate to visit the successful temple museum to enable him to become interested in and want to renovate the museum.


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