Ethical Concepts for Human Development, Era of Borderless World to support “Society 5.0”

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               Current world society is the digital online world which plenty of high technological online communications. These technologies are very effective, variety of models, routes and social networks which caused borderless world and globalization. Beside advantages of information accessibility, prompt and real time, also meet coverage and increase business opportunities. Simultaneously, it increases negative results of problems, crisis and harms both personal or micro level and macro level such as crimes, infringement and war. “Society 4.0” is industrial society supported by “Thailand 4.0” policy which emphasizes of innovation and value-added economy and increases main capital by sustainable strategic framework of human resource development. Thailand National Economic and Social Development Plans of 12th-15th, continuously 20 years (2560-2579 BE.) will support for “Thailand 4.0” policy. And other countries especially Japan launched policy for “Society 5.0” which is estimated trends in the next society. “Thailand 5.0” was developed and presented by Professor Dr. PrawaseWasi which target is peaceful and happiness society in all levels of societies forever. By developing of great imagination toproduce “Great Conscious Mind” and “The New Relationship”, then, develop holistic relationships between whole parts of 4 dimensions and 12 factors. Four dimensions composes of physical, mind, social and intellectual or “Intellectual to Success” and others such as consciousness, peace and peaceful, mercy and honest livelihood etc.  

               According to global development plans which attached to human resource development as maximum value resource which causes sustention linking between digital world and physical world. For supporting to peace and happiness society of “Society 5.0”, human moral development is necessity. Coverage considerations of related concepts, theories, principles and knowledge affect to successful development both concrete and concept results. These bioethical concepts and theories include knowledge discovered by psychologists, the relation between human brain and ethic behaviors called “Neuroethics” which was innovation science in psychological study in human for decadeConcepts and principles related to moral development and professional code of ethics are ethical theories, principles of religious and moral, traditional conducts and laws. Human development of ethical level and professional ethical behaviors should focus on skills of self-moral judgment and moral reasoning. Development of human professional ethics will be the development of human resource which could support and lead to sustainable peaceful and happiness society forever.



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