The Developing Customs Free Zone at Suvarnpbhum International Airport as Regional Logistics Hub among AEC.

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               The purposes of this research were to : 1) to study factors for success of case analysis in which is recognized as best practice as well as to study critical factors in developing as regional logistics Hub 2) to analyse problems/obstacles and potential of customs free Zone being being situated inside Suvarnabhum Internationaln Airport in terms of feasibility to develop as regional logistics hub 3) to purpose intiative to developing the potential of Customs Free Zone at Suvarnabhum Internation Airport as regional logistics hub among Asean Economic Community (AEC)

               Researh methodology concerned 1) an enquiry the perception or recommendation in terms of problems/obstackes and

Any solutions being derived from experienced executive works of 3PLs workder so related study area experienced executive customer of CFZ 2) Case analysis comparison with best practices in overseas 3) as analysis strength opportunity threat in order to evaluate the feasibility of CFZ located inside Suvarnphum Inernational airport by utilizing SWOT as analytical framework (Humphry,2005) 4) an examination the relation between primary data being derived from ecperienved ecevutive worked of 3PLs workers of related study area experienced execurtive comtomers of CFZ for analysis synthesis the recommendation from as enquiry and the results of best prctice’s case analyaia study.

                Research instrument for data collection included an enquiry being derived from experienced executive works of 3PLs workers of related study area experienced executive customers of CFZ 6 persons. Analysis instrument in SWOT Analysis (Humphrey, 2005)

                The research findings revealed that CFZ at Suvarnbhum Internation Airport if feasible in developing logistics hub among AEC under circurnstanes by elimination weakess as well as current obstacle critical of developing CFZ’s capability to be regional logistics hub in accordance with CFZ’s current situation as well as an identification lists of proper cargoes handled inside CFZ logistics hun identification some implications as found by author as well as intiative proposal in enhancing competitive advantage for CFZ at Suvarnbhum international airport for competing local and regional rival.



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