The Creation of Film for Local Administration Organization Development

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             Creation of film media for the development of local government organizations.The research aimed to answer the objective is to search for knowledge. And the form of filmmaking that can be used in the promotion and development of local government organizations.Using qualitative research methodology. And observer research approaches. The population of the study is four local government organizations that have been awarded by King Prajadhipok's Institute. Golden Glory Award 2012 for Peace and Reconciliation City ​​Municipal Yala and municipal district bangkhung Sukhothai Province The 2012 Golden Globes Award for Transparency and Integrity Kau Ka Municipal District, Lampang Province and Khao Sam Roi Municipality Lopburi Research tools include in-depth interviews, textual analysis and observation film. To find social capital in various ways. Of the local government To develop the content of films for the development of local government organizations.

            The results of the study, the working style of the local government organization that can be developed as the contents of the film for local development, are as follows.

  1. People are involved in the development. 2. Local government administrators have strengthened their working network. 3. People believe in trusting local government organizations. 4. Have good management values. 5. Based on existing social costs. It is a mechanism to drive. 6. Adherence to Good Governance in Management 7. Create a local love affection, mutual caring. 8. Creating a Shared Based on creativity. 9. Focus on civil servants as a mechanism for successful work. 10. Provide internal and external communication networks.

            The nature and direction of the film. 1. Find a project or activity that is unique. Arts and culture are available in the community. Community Relations, Harmony, Joint Management Skills local knowledge Cultural Identity The Diversity & Open Society brings together thinkers and creative entrepreneurs. (Talent / Creative Entrepreneur) Create space and facilities. Develop the content of the project or activity, highlight the identity and style of life and quality of life of the people in terms of social, economic, cultural, educational, Learn and Health Localism Come to the screenplay. 3. Preparing for filming Pre-Production by location (location), filming location In the area of ​​local government. 4. Filming May use the guidelines of documentary production. 5. Screening Should be screened in the area of ​​the local government. To build understanding of the development work of the local government organization. Research Suggestions Quantitative research should be introduced. To find the factors in more and more study the needs of the people to form. The content of the public interest and want to come to the film to create a film for the development of local government.



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สยาม เจริญอินทร์พรหม