Push and Pull Factors in Gambling (Casino) Tourism Motivation

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Gambling tourism is a form of tourism industry that is currently on trend and expanding rapidly around the globe. Casino is arguably one of the most well-known and prominent gambling tourism schemes. As travel trend evolves, many factors have an influence on tourist decisions which lead to changes in tourism industry. Travel motivation, one of the most important factors, has direct influence on tourists’ choosing to initiate their journey and also their activities during the trip. In order to better understand these effects, publications about motivation to travel are studied and analyzed with the focus on push and pull factors theory. Elements that have apparent significance to casino tourism motivation can be concluded as follows: Push factors, consists of 9 aspects, are socialization, escape, challenge, winning, monetary gains, excitement, fun/entertainment, self-esteem, and sensation seeking/learning. While pull factors are sightseeing/culture and atmosphere/accessibility/facility. This, however, only corresponds to Crompton’s theory (1979) in aspects of winning, monetary gains, challenge, excitement, sensation seeking, learning and budget/cost-lose which are unique to gambling industry.

This study could, to some extent, create conflicting interest regarding its value. Government organizations can use what is learned from this study to develop measures to curtail urge to gamble, a behavior that could potentially leads to gambling addiction. Though, the study also positively helps tourism operators to better serve travelers’ needs to gain more customers’ appreciation on their services, which leads to customers’ loyalty and repeat visits. Finally, this review contributes to better gambling tourism study and can be worthily integrated with previous knowledge to be a source of information for students, academic faculties and researchers.



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