The Development of the Local Learning Activities Based on STEM Education to Enhance the Students’ Abilities which Focus on 21st Century Skills for Lower Secondary Students

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            This study aimed to develop qualities of students to be appropriate for social change in the present and future by design the learning activities based on Stem Education and 21st century skills. The sample group was 57 Students from Wat Yang Ngarm School, Ratchaburi Province. The purposes of this study were 1) to investigate and analyze the local knowledge 2) to develop the local learning activities based on STEM Education for lower secondary students 3) to develop local school and receive thoroughly opportunities to develop teachers and students. The results of this study are 1) The results of learning activities based on Stem Education at a high level (4.04) The first activity is devise LEGO robot (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 4.14) The second activity is build intelligent coin box (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 3.96) and the lowest activity is   little guide (gif.latex?\bar{x}= 3.96) 2) The result of Index  of  consistency (IOC) of creativity test on the initiative, Ability test to use information and communication technology and teamwork test from 3 specialists are equal 1.00 and teachers can apply learning activities based on Stem Education and 21st for develop  effective learners 3) The results of the assessment of Education Standards for student learning was 4.04 at high level.


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