“Naga Enjoys the River” A Contemporary Music Recomposed from Thongsai Tabtanon

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            “Naga enjoys the river” was an ethnomusicological creative work. The researcher studied related document and did fieldwork to learned music from the key informant. The purposes for the research were: 1)Studying Thongsai Tabtanon’s phin music. 2)Composing the contemporary music for saxophone quartet based on the knowledge of Thongsai Tabtanon’s phin music. It was an ethnomusicological research method combined with composition knowledge.

            The composition has 2 movements; the first movement has 2 sections thawn sa-uen (sadness) and Uk-ang (confusing). The second movement has 2 sections long-sun (out of mind) and muan-lai (joyful). The 3 compositing ideas were; 1) mixing of music culture, 2) Thongsai Tabtanon’s lute music identity, 3) contemporary composing style.


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