A study of Lanna's fiddle music for creating the new piece for violin ensemble

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            A study of Lanna's fiddle music to create a new piece for violin ensemble is an Ethnomusicology research and creative work. Gathering field data from Lanna’s fiddle specialists in Chiang Rai and Nan province. This research aims to define, and compare, the musical characteristics and techniques between Lanna’s fiddle and the violin to create the new piece for violin ensemble. The research results revealed that the Lanna’s fiddle songs had two types of scales which were; the 5-note pentatonic scale, and the 6-note hexatonic scale. There were three kinds of melodic contours - the conjunctive, the disjunctive, and the undulating - and nine techniques of Lanna fiddle that can be compared to the violin. The new composition in the creative part is entitled “Lanna fiddle’s dance for violin ensemble”.


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