Training Curriculum Development on Learning Management Design and Learning Evaluation of Mathematics Subject within Standards and Indicators for Learner Development to Thailand 4.0

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            This research aims was to developed and evaluated an effectiveness of the training curriculum on learning management design, measurement and evaluation of mathematics learning in accordance with standards and metrics to develop students forward Thailand 4.0. Furthermore, the using of the developed training curriculum within the cognition and the satisfaction of the training courses on learning management design, measurement and evaluation of mathematics learning in accordance with standards and indicators for the development of learners towards Thailand 4.0 were investigated. The sample group used in this study was a teacher of mathematics learning group, basic educational area 2018 total 6 schools which was selected by Random purpose number of 52 people. The evaluation form was consisted of 1.) Knowledge and understanding on standardized analysis of learning and Indicators. 2) Satisfaction with the development of the workshop curriculum. The training process was involved of 4 steps which was focuses on Step 1: Study the context and related content, Step 2: Design and develop the curriculum, Step 3: Apply the curriculum to the curriculum and find the quality of the curriculum and step 4 Evaluate and improve the curriculum. The emphases are based on the involvement of the mathematics teacher and then the design of the learning plan based on the training process.The research findings were as follows:  The results of the trial on Training Course were 1)Teachers have knowledge and understanding. After training, the pre-training enhanced knowledge of the teacher 2) Teachers were satisfied with the development of training curriculum at the highest level.


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