Prototyping Food Chain of Artisanal Fishing and Organic Farming Communities Enterprise Linkaged to The Business Travel Community Tourism Market Communities, Hotels, Resorts, Homestay to The Economy Value Added on Solid Footing Commercial Chanthaburi and Trat Province.

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Narong Anuphan
Sakda Angwattanakit
Supalak Wongpaisanlux


The research on prototyping food chain of artisanal fishing and organic farming communities enterprise linkaged to the business travel community Tourism Market Communities, Hotels and Resorts, Homestays to the economy value added on solid footing commercial Chanthaburi and Trat province. The objective to study satisfaction, quality, price, delivery, service of visitors Consumers in the food chain of the local fishery community enterprise group and the organic agricultural community enterprise group towards the consumption of healthy food from community tourism entrepreneurs (Community tourism market, hotels, resorts Homestay).The methodology used in this study was the interview method. The sample consisted of 200 food consumers in the tourist market, community, hotel, resort, homestay, and 100 of the two provinces. And used for data analysis using descriptive statistics In order to obtain information on studies of satisfaction, quality, price, delivery, service of visitors (Food consumers) in the community towards the consumption of healthy food from community tourism operators Community Travel Market Hotel Resort Homestay. The study indicated that:

Behavior and needs of seafood consumption most of the tourists come to buy seafood and buy seafood as their homestay. The seafood that is bought for eating is ready-to-eat seafood. The frequency of choosing seafood consumption per month is average. The value of buying seafood at a time is between 1,000 - 3,000 baht. The most popular way to visit and buy seafood is to receive news and information from friends or acquaintances. And the most important reason for traveling, most want to come to rest.

Satisfied with the quality, price, delivery, seafood service of the tourists are satisfied with the distribution channel (Place) seafood at the highest level. Ranked No. 1 with an average of 4.29, followed by seafood products with an average of 4.17 on promotion and price with a final satisfaction. With an average of 3.29 respectively.


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บทความวิจัย (research article)


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